ACCR Czech Formula will kick off at the Hungaroring

ACCR Czech Formula will kick off at the Hungaroring

The long-awaited start of a new series for Formula 4 single-seaters will kick off with a racing weekend at the Hungaroring on April 29-30, 2023. The series will be called ACCR Czech Formula and will continue the tradition of the National Formula, from which a number of top drivers have emerged.

ACCR Czech Formula is a championship for the new generation of F4 Tatuus T-421 single-seaters. Talented drivers will have an attractive and safer starting point on the circuit in the Central European region.

“The championship was created primarily because karting drivers lacked an attractive opportunity to move into circuit racing. Until now, few of them had made the transition, and mainly to touring cars, because a separate junior formula championship was missing in our region. Therefore, in cooperation with the Czech Automobile Club, we wanted to create a formula series that has a future, a financial cap, and above all, safe technology that can be used for racing abroad,” explains promoter Josef Křenek, adding that the series builds on the former National Formula, from which a number of quality drivers emerged, such as Adam Kout or Josef Král.

“Since the demise of the National Formula, we haven’t had a unified formula category in our region. Formula 3, Formula 4, and Formula Renault single-seaters only started in a combined field. However, ACCR Czech Formula will have separate races exclusively for the latest generation F4 cars at each event. This is a long-term project, and I am aware that we will have a gradual start. However, we are negotiating with several other teams, and it is very realistic that the starting grid will grow from race to race. The current situation is not easy for any sport, with expensive energy, high inflation, and delayed deliveries and still rising prices of single-seaters and spare parts. However, we are convinced that we necessarily need an entry-level formula series,” adds Křenek.

Several teams from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, and Switzerland are already registered for the premiere season of ACCR Czech Formula, specifically Gender Racing Team, Jenzer Motorsport, JMT Racing, Renauer Motorsport, Sape Motorsport, and Sauter Engineering + Design.

The F4 Tatuus T-421 single-seater with a 1.4-liter four-cylinder Abarth turbocharged engine provides 180 horsepower, which is 20 horsepower more than the previous model. The increased power compensates for the weight of extensive safety standards. The single-seater utilizes a range of enhancements to protect the driver, including the “Halo” protective arc above the open cockpit. In addition, the Formula 4 race car has an improved monocoque with higher protection against side impact and impact structures that absorb more energy in the event of a collision.

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