Max Karhan to make his debut in Formula 4 at Autodrom Most

Max Karhan to make his debut in Formula 4 at Autodrom Most

Max Karhan will be another young karting driver participating in the F4 CEZ championship. The Czech driver will make his debut in the upcoming race at Autodrom Most in the JMT Racing Engineering team.

The Most circuit holds a special significance for Max Karhan. Last year, he tested an older generation F4 here for the first time, and this August he will have his first competitive race in the F4 CEZ series at the same circuit. The agreement with JMT Racing Engineering will be his first step in transitioning from karting to big circuits.

„I couldn’t have asked for a better place to make my debut,“ commented Karhan the Most circuit. „I enjoy it the most out of all the Czech circuits. I know it very well because I’ve tested here before,“ continued Karhan, who is also preparing on a simulator.

Since this will be his first racing experience in Formula 4, he doesn’t have a specific goal in mind. It’s important to do the best job possible. „The goal is for me to not have any regrets after the weekend. To know that I gave it my all and showed what I’m capable of,“ said Max Karhan.

His father, Lukáš Karhan, owner of the racing team Luka Motorsport and sports car service workshop, agrees. „We told Max not to expect to be fast immediately. Above all, it’s about gaining experience not only on the track, but also outside the cockpit, when the engineer downloads telemetry and they gradually go through everything,“ said the proud father.

Lukáš Karhan has extensive experience in motorsport. He worked as a Corvette mechanic at Callaway Competition team in the ADAC GT Masters championship, so it’s clear that the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

„Luka Motorsport actually came into existence when Max was born. I didn’t want to spend every weekend at races, so I started the company with the idea that if Max ever wanted to race, we would be prepared in a certain way. Of course, everything depends on partners, without whom further development of Max’s career wouldn’t be possible. So we’ll see how Max does in Most and how he feels in this new world. Then we’ll evaluate everything and see. There are ambitions, it depends on opportunities,“ explained Lukáš Karhan.

Ambitions are definitely there. When asked where he would like to go in his career, Max replied, „I would like to race in endurance, like the 24hours at Nürburgring or Le Mans, they really appeal to me.“

However, there is still a long way to go to achieve this career goal, and alongside preparing for his debut in F4 CEZ, Max Karhan is also intensively focused on karting in the prestigious WSK series in the European Championship and is also preparing for the World Championship.