Ethan Ischer wins despite the collision with team mate

Ethan Ischer wins despite the collision with team mate

The light rain before the start of the race caused problems for Mathias Bjerre Jakobsen and Miroslav Mikeš, who spun their cars on the way to the grid. Mikeš started from the pitlane, and Jakobsen joined the race two laps after the green flag.

The rolling start was a safe way to get the race underway. But Ethan Ischer and Reno Francot had contact after the first chicane, and Francot lost position to Michael Sauter. However, Sauter wasn’t able to hold the second place, and Francot regained his position behind Ischer.

Mikeš caught up to the field right after the start and moved to fifth place behind Jan Rieger. The two Czech drivers were fighting for the fourth place, and soon they caught up to Sauter, who made a couple of mistakes.

Meanwhile, the fight for the race win continued between Ischer and Francot. Both drivers even collided and went off track. They lost a few seconds, but as their gap to the rest of the field was quite large, they stayed in the top two positions.

Eventually, towards the end of the race, the gaps between drivers grew bigger, with the exception of Ischer and Francot, who still raced within one second of each other. Francot tried to find a way to pass his teammate, but Ischer remained in the lead and took his second win of the weekend in front of Francot, Sauter, Rieger, Mikeš, and Max Karhan, who passed Oliver Michl in the late stage of the race. Jakobsen finished eighth, two laps down.

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