F4 CEZ Review: A Hat Trick in a Single Game

F4 CEZ Review: A Hat Trick in a Single Game

Ethan Ischer accomplished a rare feat by scoring a hat trick in a single weekend of F4 CEZ certified by FIA at Autodrom Most. This is especially noteworthy considering his extremely fast teammate, Reno Francot. However, as we’ve observed this season, when a driver wins the opening race of the weekend, they often maintain that momentum into the following day.

Jenzer Motorsport, a highly professional racing team in the F4 CEZ, typically fields three single-seaters for Ethan Ischer, Reno Francot, and Mathias Bjerre Jakobsen. In this instance, Mr. Jenzer added a fourth single-seater for Czech driver Max Karhan, but we’ll discuss that later.

Three races were held at Autodrom Most, none of which were a walk in the park for Ischer. Perhaps the last one might be considered as such, where he had a stellar start, established a gap in the lead, and won the race. However, in the first two races, he had to battle for his victories. Even when Ischer lost the lead to Michael Sauter (who, unfortunately, received a time penalty for jump-starting), he didn’t hesitate to vie for the lead despite not needing to.

The second race took place under wet conditions, and this time, Ischer’s teammate, Reno Francot, emerged as the fastest man on the track. The two teammates battled fiercely for the lead, even colliding and veering off the track at one point. However, their level of driving under these conditions was so superior that they maintained a substantial lead, allowing Ischer to defend his position and forcing Francot to settle for another second place. Despite finishing second three times at Most, Francot retained his championship lead.

Michael Sauter is the only driver capable of challenging the Jenzer Motorsport team. He’s fast, has excellent starts, and shows a lot of will to fight, but so far, he hasn’t been able to outpace the Jenzer boys.

Miroslav Mikeš made significant strides at Most. Although he debuted at Red Bull Ring and was noticeably off the pace (which is understandable considering it was his first time racing in F4), he’s been making major improvements ever since. He showed his progress at Most, maintaining pace and challenging drivers who he couldn’t keep up with before. He’s now closing in on Hungarian racer Oliver Michl in the championship.

Two championship rookies made their debut at Most. Jan Rieger, who has experience with single-seaters, started in the F4 CEZ series with JMT Racing for the first time. Initially, Max Karhan, a kart racer taking his first step into the formula world, was supposed to start with JMT Racing. However, a last-minute deal with Jenzer Motorsport provided a superior entry point into single-seater racing. Karhan gained invaluable experience and showed promising potential.

The fourth round of F4 CEZ showcased thrilling racing action from the youngest drivers and smallest formula cars certified by FIA. It will be interesting to see how the upcoming round at Brno shakes up the championship standings as the season draws nearer to its conclusion.

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