Reno Francot and Ethan Ischer take turns at the top in Brno

Reno Francot and Ethan Ischer take turns at the top in Brno

The experienced racing team Jenzer Motorsport once again dominated another racing weekend of the F4 CEZ certified by FIA. However, for the first time this season, we witnessed two drivers taking turns in first place – Reno Francot and Ethan Ischer.

Francot entered the fifth event of this season as the leader in the overall standings, with a twelve-point lead over Ischer. This duo proved to be the fastest once again, just like in previous events, battling for valuable victories. In the first race, Francot led with Ischer closely behind. In the second race, their positions switched, but the course of the race was the same. It is evident that both drivers are equally fast, and if one of them takes the lead, the other faces an extremely challenging position.

Observing their duels from a distance or sometimes up close is Michael Sauter from the Sauter Engineering + Design team. The Swiss driver is undoubtedly fast and has collected six podium finishes this year. He has often fought for first place, but he has always been slightly short of reaching the victorious end of his race.

Mathias Bjerre Jakobsen from Jenzer Motorsport and Olivér Michl from Gender Racing Team achieved fourth and fifth places in Brno, with Jakobsen finishing fourth in the first race and Michl in the second.

Three local drivers also gathered in Brno. Miroslav Mikeš joined the series representing the SAPE Motorsport team. He did not score points in the first race in Brno, had a bad start in the second race, but quickly caught up with the drivers ahead and eventually secured sixth place after a battle with Max Karhan, who, like Mikeš, is gaining his first experiences with Formula 4. Karhan finished sixth in the first race and seventh in the second. Roman Roubíček, racing for the JMT Racing team, completed the races in seventh and eighth place.

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