The provisional calendar for the 2024 season has taken shape

The provisional calendar for the 2024 season has taken shape

The calendar, which proved successful this year, will retain the same circuits and dates for the upcoming 2024 season. The ESET Cup, TCR Eastern Europe, and F4 CEZ certified by FIA series will kick off in April and conclude in September in Brno. However, we can confirm a few planned updates.

Considering the live broadcasts of individual races, efforts are being made to establish fixed start times for the main series of the ESET Cup and TCR Eastern Europe on each race weekend. The TCR series is expected to run on Sundays before the midday break, while the ESET Cup will take place after the break. Another novelty is the addition of the FIA Swift Cup Europe series to most race events.

The next season will start at Oschersleben and continue with a race in Hungary. Whether the drivers will gather at the Hungaroring or Balaton Park will depend on whether the planned construction work at Hungaroring begins or not. If the famous Formula 1 track is occupied by heavy machinery, the race will be held at Balaton Park.

The popular Red Bull Ring will follow, and in June, the Slovakia Ring will host the TCR Eastern Europe and F4 CEZ races as part of the European Truck Racing Cup weekend. The calendar will see the return of races in Poznan and Grobnik, where currently are scheduled only cup categories, which complement the ESET Cup events throughout the season.

In August, races will take place in Most, followed by the Slovakia Ring (ESET Cup). The season will conclude in Brno.

Calendar 2024

07.04. Oschersleben

28.04. Hungaroring / Balatonpark

19.05. RedBullRing

09.06. Slovakiaring (TCR, F4)

16.06. Poznan

21.07. Grobnik

04.08. Most

18.08. Slovakiaring (ESET Cup)

08.09. Brno