Ethan Ischer: Interview with the Champion

Ethan Ischer: Interview with the Champion

Ethan Ischer from Jenzer Motorsport team has become the new champion of the F4 CEZ series certified by FIA, and he greatly values his success. It is the very first title that this sixteen-year-old young man has won in his career. And he only started with motorsport two and a half years ago.

Ethan, how does it feel to be the F4 CEZ champion?
I’m extremely happy, of course. It’s the first championship I’ve won in my career. It’s a truly special achievement for me because it’s my first season in single-seaters, and I’m incredibly happy. And I believe the sponsors are too.

Tell us about the final race in which you won the title.
It was a very demanding race. Although my start wasn’t perfect, I managed to hold onto the first place from the first lap until the last. I saw Michael Sauter catching up to Rena Franco, who was driving behind me. So I slowed down a bit in the corners, hoping that Sauter would attempt an overtake, giving me a chance for the title. It worked out well because they started fighting each other towards the end, and Sauter eventually finished second. So I’m very happy about that too because my planned strategy worked out.

In which position do you feel more comfortable? Leading a race with a driver chasing you, or being second and attacking for first place?
I prefer being in the first position because at that moment, you have the race under control. You can decide when to close the corner on your opponent and so on. When you’re second, you have to be patient, focus on getting a better exit from the corners, and wait for the opponent to make small mistakes. So that’s why I prefer being first.

Which moment from this season stands out in your memory, excluding winning the title?
I would say my first victory at Hungaroring. It’s a feeling that you can never repeat because the first victory is unique. Of course, I’m also very happy about the final race of the season, and I will remember it forever because I became the F4 champion.

How do you like the F4 CEZ series?
From my perspective, it’s a great championship because it includes Formula 1 tracks like Hungaroring or Red Bull Ring, as well as circuits that are new to me. It’s always nice when you come to a completely new place and learn new tracks.

Tell us about your previous achievements in your career.
Honestly, I’m most proud of the F4 title. I didn’t race in go-karts for a long time, only a year and a half, and during that time, I managed to become the Swiss champion in the rookies category. That’s certainly an accomplishment, but the success in F4 weighs more on me.

Do you have any racing idols?
Definitely Ayrton Senna. Although I never saw him race, I consider him an absolutely top-class driver, brilliant even in wet conditions.

How do you handle losses or when things don’t go well?
Motorsport is like that, and mistakes happen sometimes. The most important thing, however, is to learn from all the mistakes. If I don’t do that, I can’t move forward. Making mistakes is natural, but of course, we are never happy about them.

What would you like to achieve in your career?
My dream is to become a Formula 1 driver. That would be the best thing that could happen to me in life. Racing in Monte Carlo or Melbourne is a fantastic idea.

How important is motorsport in your life?
Motorsport is my whole life. I wake up for it in the morning, and it’s a part of me. It’s like a partner to me.