Maffi Racing expands the F4 CEZ field for the 2024 season

Maffi Racing expands the F4 CEZ field for the 2024 season

Maffi Racing team is the new addition to the entry list of the F4 CEZ championship for next year’s season. The driver of the Swiss team will be Nathanael Berreby.

Nathanael Berreby from Switzerland is going to make a big step from karting to Formula 4. He already tested the single-seater with Maffi Racing and left an impression on the team owners.

„In 2023, he went through an extensive testing program on various circuits with the objective to prepare for the 2024 season. He has demonstrated constant progress so far, and given the chance, we are confident that he can continue this progression,“ says Daniel Maffi, who co-founded the team in 2021 with his brother Cristian and Alexandre Thouvenin.

The F4 CEZ is then the ideal place to start a racing career on large circuits for Nathanael Berreby. „We had been looking closely at the F4 CEZ and have received positive feedback from teams who have already raced in 2023. The choice of circuits for the 2024 season is also exciting. So, in view of the fact that we are aiming to expand our presence onto other regions, it is a logical step for us to join the CEZ championship,“ explains Daniel Maffi, who is excited for the new racing opportunities.

„We met Nathanael on a karting track. He was testing karting in a winter camp at the time. We had a brief discussion with him, and it was evident from the get-go that he had set his sights on racing in single-seaters. We had a follow-up meeting in Geneva and signed him up for our driver development program,“ adds Daniel Maffi.

Geneva is also the place where Maffi Racing was founded in October 2021. However, its history dates back to the late 1950s when Daniel’s and Christian’s father, Giorgio Maffi, co-founded the Ethiopian Motorsport Federation.

„Currently, we are focused on F4 and the young drivers who race in karting. We have concluded a partnership with KartBox to this effect, to monitor the upcoming talents and help them transition into single-seater racing. But we are also actively engaged with e-sports, and we have a clear expansion plan for both the mid and longer-term. The future looks bright. The driving force is our commitment to promote diversity and inclusion. It is one of our vocations to make the sport more accessible. There isn’t one single goal; we have a long journey ahead,“ continues Daniel Maffi.

The team consists of fourteen members, including the management, engineers and mechanics. But the team also has a talented pool of drivers who are under an ongoing development program. The 2022 season was their first season in Formula 4, and it was certainly an educative season for them.

„We have raced alongside the best teams and drivers in Italian F4. We cannot underestimate the lessons learned. We have invested heavily to ensure the team’s presence on the grid after only 5 months since its establishment. Considering all the facts and the challenges that came with our rapid introduction to such a high-level championship, we have achieved respectable results, although we were not where we had hoped to be. We are competitors, and of course, we aim high while maintaining our feet on the ground. In 2023, we took a step back to work on the commercial side of the team, launched our driver development program, and had the privilege to sign new partners such as Furlan Marri and Don-Kayde, who joined our existing partners KartBox and Kattard Genève.“

For 2024, the team is planning the F4 Winter Series, Italian F4, and F4 CEZ with Nathanael Berreby. That’s quite a full program and commitment for the team, and Daniel Maffi agrees but is confident about it: „This goes to show how Nathanael and his management team are committed to preparing him for the long term. For us, it is also about giving Nathanael as much driving time as possible. The nature of the F4 Winter Series and the CEZ Championship, both with a reduced number of cars on the grid compared to Italian F4, will provide better preparation before the first race of the Italian F4. There is no secret in the fact that the added days of driving will prove to be beneficial to Nathanael.“