Racing with Formula 4 is a joy, says Roman Roubíček

Racing with Formula 4 is a joy, says Roman Roubíček

Roman Roubíček is not typical Formula 4 driver. He has been involved in motorsports since the 1990s and no longer aims to climb up the single-seater ladder. However, he has found enjoyment in the F4 CEZ championship and can compete for valuable trophies in the Rookie Rocket Cup category.

Roubíček joined the ongoing 2023 season. With the JMT Racing team, he participated in the final two events in Brno and Balaton Park. After many years in karting, he was enticed by the idea of returning to big circuits, and the F4 proved to be the right path.

„I am pleasantly surprised because the car responds beautifully, and I had an amazing time,“ Roubíček evaluated his first drive in the F4. „It’s like a faster kart, and I’m thrilled about it.“

At his age, he can no longer compete with teenagers, aiming for the top categories of motorsports. However, the F4 CEZ championship offers the opportunity for drivers like him to fight for podium finishes. The Rookie Rocket Cup category was introduced for both complete newcomers and drivers over 40 years old.

„It’s the right path. Formula 4 is relatively affordable compared to other cars. The tires are not expensive, and the engine lasts many kilometers. So, if someone wants to race in F4 for the joy of it, like me, the Rookie Rocket Cup is an ideal category. You don’t have to invest a lot of money in a big team or testing. You just come, race, and enjoy the weekend.“

Roman Roubíček started racing in the Fiesta Cup in the early 1990s, then moved on to the Escort Cup, and in 1996, he discovered the charm of karting. Two years later, he became the champion of the Czech Republic and remained loyal to karts until this year.

„Unfortunately, karts have become physically demanding for me. On the other hand, I can still handle Formula 4, and I enjoy learning something new again. I tried it in Brno to see if I could race with it at my age, and it worked out, so I can say that next year, I’m fully committed to F4 CEZ,“ Roubíček concluded.