Racing is my passion and it teaches me valuable life lessons, says Michael Sauter

Racing is my passion and it teaches me valuable life lessons, says Michael Sauter

Michael Sauter concluded the inaugural season of F4 CEZ on a high note. He clinched his first victory in the final round at Balaton Park and also secured two additional podium finishes there. His consistently competitive performance propelled him to third place in the championship, with the Sauter Engineering + Design team securing second place in the team standings.

Michael Sauter boasts a considerable amount of experience in motorsport. He competed in karting for eight years before transitioning to Formula 4 single-seaters. The Swiss driver initially participated in the ADAC Formula 4 series and finished as the second-best rookie in 2021. However, for the 2023 season, he made the move to F4 CEZ.

„Of course, I aimed to win the championship, but third place isn’t too bad. I made a few mistakes throughout the season, and that ultimately cost me fight for the title,“ said Sauter. He consistently fought with the Jenzer Motorsport team for the top spots and came close to securing his first win at Slovakia Ring.

„I had a great pace at Slovakia Ring, but I made a few mistakes in both races that I should have won,“ continued Sauter. Nevertheless, he redeemed himself in the final round of the 2023 season at Balaton Park, where he claimed victory in the second race with little challenge from his competitors. It was a remarkable achievement for the small family team, Sauter Engineering + Design.

Motorsport has been an integral part of Sauter’s life, and he believes that the sport imparts valuable lessons for personal growth. „Racing is not only my passion but also a source of life lessons. You learn so much in racing, not just on the track but also from a mental perspective. Being on the race track is always a great fun and I thoroughly enjoy it.“

Looking ahead, the future of this young Swiss driver remains wide open, but his goal is clear: „Having a career in motorsport would be fantastic. Formula 1 is, of course, the dream, but I understand that the path is challenging. We are taking it step by step, season by season, and we’ll see what the future holds.“

Michael Sauter doesn’t have a specific racing idol. Instead, he admires the great figures in motorsport and strives to learn from their accomplishments and apply them to his own career. He also doesn’t believe in superstitions because he believes that becoming overly fixated on certain rituals only leads to nervousness and more potential for mistakes.

„When things don’t go as planned, I try not to let my emotions take over. Instead, I analyze my mistakes, learn from them, and focus on moving forward. What’s in the past, stays in the past,“ added Sauter.