Nathanael Berreby is determined to showcase his skills

Nathanael Berreby is determined to showcase his skills

Swiss driver Nathanael Berreby has become the new driver of the Maffi Racing team, which will participate in the F4 CEZ 2024 season. Formula 4 will be the center of Berreby’s world, as he will be racing in three F4 championships. That’s how determined Berreby is to became a successful driver.

Nathanael, how excited are you before your debut season in Formula 4?
I’m very excited to compete and delve into the world of Formula 4. At the moment, I am focused on all the preparation needed before the racing season begins. I look forward to bringing all my training and learnings to the tracks.

You will be racing in the F4 Winter series, F4 CEZ and Italian F4. It’s about 15 rounds together and more than 30 races. That’s quite a lot. What do you want to achieve in your first season?
This is an amazing opportunity for me. I want to showcase my skills and determination in every race. Beyond the results, my first season in these prestigious F4 series is a tremendous learning opportunity. I aim to develop my skills as a driver, working closely with the team to enhance my racecraft, adaptability and technical understanding of the car. Each race is a step towards becoming a more well-rounded and competitive driver.

Tell us about your first impression from driving the F4?
My initial experience with the F4 was in the rain, an unexpected but ultimately positive challenge. As the season progressed, I found a rhythm and felt at home in the car. The responsiveness and adaptability of the F4 allowed me to thrive in various conditions. The car brand Tatuus and the Maffi Racing Engineering team have played a crucial role in my journey. Their support has made me feel secure from day one, enabling me to push the limits of the car and progress confidently.

There are quite a number of F4 teams in Switzerland. Why did you choose Maffi Racing?
For their professionalism, energy and perfectionism. The team’s commitment to excellence, collaborative atmosphere, and technical expertise aligned perfectly with my goals. From day one, I felt a strong sense of teamwork, making it clear that Maffi Racing is the ideal platform for achieving success in F4 racing.

When did you start racing in karts?
I started karting when I was six years old and I’ve never stopped. Now here am I, ready to take on formula 4.

What is your most memorable moment in karting?
A standout moment occurred in December 2022 during winter training with my karting team. Those days were memorable and marked a significant milestone in my career. The progress I made during that period was substantial, both in terms of skill development and personal satisfaction. It stands out as one of my proudest achievements in karting, representing a turning point that fueled my determination to pursue excellence in motorsports.

Your starting number is 22. Does it mean something?
Absolutely, my choice of the number 22 holds deep personal significance. It corresponds to the day of my mom’s birthday, a date that carries immense meaning for me. Throughout my journey in motorsports, my mom has been a pillar of support. Her unwavering belief in me and consistent encouragement have been instrumental in my achievements. The number 22 on my car is a heartfelt tribute and a way for me to express gratitude for her constant support.

How big a part in your life is motorsport?
Motorsport has transformed from a childhood dream into a defining reality that shapes my daily life.
The thrill of cars and racing has evolved beyond the vivid memories of my dad making engines roar and our shared love for the movie ‚Cars.‘ Now, it’s a dream come true, and I’m actively working towards making my mark in motorsport. The journey began when my dad introduced me to karting, and today, it’s a central and dynamic part of my present and future. Motorsport isn’t just a passion; it’s a commitment that I’m actively pursuing, investing my efforts into each moment of preparation, training, and the exciting challenges that lie ahead on the tracks.