Visitor numbers speak clearly. People still have an interest in motorsport

Visitor numbers speak clearly. People still have an interest in motorsport

The past racing season of the ESET Cup, Clio Cup, TCR Eastern Europe, and F4 CEZ series was successful not only in terms of the sport itself but also in terms of attendance. The return of the ESET Cup to the Autodrom Most was met with visitor success, and the final event in Brno was similarly well-attended.

The spectators in the stands contribute to the race atmosphere. No matter how exciting the racing battles may be, if no one sees them, only the participants themselves will remember them. However, the Czech race events in Most and Brno had fairly good crowds.

The May event at the Autodrom Most included the ESET Cup, Clio Cup, Twingo Cup, as well as TCR Eastern Europe and F4 CEZ series. Another attraction was the demonstration drives of F1 and F2 single-seaters from the MAXX Formula series. In the end, an impressive 7,000 spectators gathered in the stands and paddock. The racing weekend was not even missed by the President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, who, among other things, met with Czech representative in F2, Roman Staňek. The President spent several hours at the circuit and visited a number of teams and drivers.

In September, the mentioned series moved to the Automotodrom Brno, and apart from F4 CEZ, it was the final weekend of the season for all of them. In addition, there were demonstration drives of F1 cars like Wolf, Ferrari, Toro Rosso, and others, and the paddock was packed. Over 9,000 people attended the Masaryk Racing Days.

The fact that motorsport is still a huge attraction for all generations is evidenced by the great interest in the Racing Expo exhibition in Prague in October. Over 37,000 people passed through the exhibition gates.

Filled stands are, of course, not exclusive to Czech circuits. Race weekends at the Slovakia Ring consistently enjoy high attendance. TCR Eastern Europe and F4 CEZ were held in Slovakia as part of the European Truck Championship weekend, while ESET Cup and Clio Cup were part of the Grand Prix of Slovakia.

A filled grandstand at the first corner is a typical sight at the Red Bull Ring circuit, and this year was no exception. Spectators naturally found their way to the Hungaroring as well, and in October, Balaton Park welcomed its first visitors for the final of F4 CEZ.