Jenzer Motorsport is a very professional team, says Max Karhan

Jenzer Motorsport is a very professional team, says Max Karhan

Max Karhan, who until recently raced in go-karts, got the right opportunity in 2023 to try his hand at the big circuits in a Formula 4 single-seater. He joined the F4 CEZ championship in the middle of the season at the Autodrom Most, representing Jenzer Motorsport, and with each race in the single-seater, he gained more speed.

Max, how did Jenzer Motorsport impress you when you saw that they had several Formula 4 cars in the garage, and one was for you?
Before the weekend at Most, I didn’t know what to expect. Of course, I knew that Jenzer was a world-class team, primarily focusing on Formula 3, but I had never been part of such a team before, so I was quite nervous for the first weekend. However, Jenzer Motorsport confirmed their professionalism, and my nervousness quickly subsided.

There were several drivers in the team. How did you cooperate among yourselves, and what kind of things did you discuss with the engineers?
Sharing data and information is one example of professionalism. There are no teams within the team; everyone is fully transparent. After each drive, all the drivers and their engineers meet, and each person shares their feedback from the previous drive. Then they thoroughly analyze the data and onboard footage with the engineer.

What did you have to get used to when transitioning from go-karts to Formula 4?
The big races on the large circuits really captivated me. It’s a big leap from go-karts, as these are already big cars that I wanted to race with. There were many changes and new things to get used to. You have to be able to read the data on the steering wheel, learn what different buttons do, know how to park the car in parc fermé, adjust to fixed starts, and get accustomed to using the rearview mirrors. There was a lot to learn. But the biggest change for me was the G-forces.

How would you evaluate your debut season?
From my perspective, I couldn’t have asked for a better first season. With each race weekend, I got closer to the fastest drivers, and in the final race at the new Balaton Park track, I managed to keep up with their pace, which was previously unthinkable for me. Those final races are etched in my memory from this season.

Is Andreas Jenzer a tough team boss?
He is strict, but I think it’s because of him that his team has reached such a level. At the same time, he’s a great guy without whom things couldn’t function. He can lighten the mood in the team and shows that he values you as a driver.