F4 Academy organised second training day

F4 Academy organised second training day

On Saturday, February 10th, the F4 CEZ Academy conducted its second training day, continuing its mission to raise the next generation of motorsport talents.

The day began with the young racers participating in intensive simulator sessions facilitated by RacingFuelSimulatorsCZ. Their primary task was to familiarize themselves with the challenging Autodrom Most circuit, striving to improve their lap times with each run. Noteworthy progress and a high level of concentration were evident among all participants. Despite Natálie Jakuševová’s initial inexperience with manual shifting, she quickly adapted, showcasing significant progress.

The afternoon was dedicated to physical conditioning under the expert guidance of trainer Jindřiška Fialová. The comprehensive workout regimen included full-body exercises, running training, and a competitive plank challenge.

The F4 CEZ Academy offers a unique platform for promising racers. Building on the legacy of the FormulaStar and ESET RaceStar projects, the academy aims to prepare candidates for the F4 CEZ series. The program encompasses simulator training, physical fitness, media communication skills, and technical knowledge of racing machinery.