More women break into the world of motorsport

More women break into the world of motorsport

A group of talented women racers is set to make their mark across various racing series within the ESET Cup weekends. They are going to compete for results in the F4 CEZ Championship, Clio Cup, and Twingo Cup.

Leading the charge in the F4 CEZ Championship are Kornelia Olkucka, joining forces with Maffi Racing, and Michelle Jandová, who will debut with the SAPE Motorsport team. Their participation in the F4 CEZ Championship not only highlights their exceptional skills and determination but also sets a precedent for aspiring female racers worldwide.

Adding to this lineup, Katarzyna Terlikowska is gearing up to showcase her skills in the Clio Cup with KTT Infotec Racing team, while Linda Frey is set to compete in the Twingo Cup. Their entry into these competitive series showcases the growing opportunities for women in motorsport.

The F4 CEZ Academy is also a testament to the increasing presence of women in racing, with Kristýna Kalistová and Natálie Jakuševová joining Michelle Jandová in this developmental program for the next generation of talent.