I don’t plan to be at the end of the field, says F4 debutant Michelle Jandová.

I don’t plan to be at the end of the field, says F4 debutant Michelle Jandová.

From karting to single-seater racing, young Michelle Jandová is making her way. She is one of the members of the F4 CEZ Academy and is going to participate in the F4 CEZ championship at the opening round of the series. She will be racing for the SAPE Motorsport team, and the expectations are to gain as much experience as possible.

This year, we’ll see you behind the wheel of a single-seater in the F4 CEZ series. How excited are you about this new challenge?
I’m very excited about the new season in Formula 4. The challenges for me will not only be the new car but also a completely new environment, larger circuits, and new competitors. However, I already know Max Karhan and Míra Mikeš from Easykart. For example, last year, Kacper Stuka won the Italian F4 Championship, and I raced against him in EASY 60…

What do you expect from preseason tests?
I expect it will provide me with a closer association with the formula, as well as with the team, and also to test our collaboration. Certainly, I also expect new experiences that I hope will be very helpful in the upcoming season!

What’s the plan for this season? Are you going to participate in just a few races, or the whole season?
So far, I have financial coverage for the first race and the testing before it, but negotiations with partners are ongoing so that I can compete in the entire season.

What’s your training plan to best adapt to Formula 4 and maximize your potential?
In an effort to prepare myself physically as best as possible, I go to the gym three times a week and swim once, while also training my reflexes, riding on a unicycle, and testing in a simulator, which was lent to me by Mr. Josef Křenek.

What are your goals for your first racing season in Formula 4? Are they more focused on gaining experience, or do you have specific results in mind?
This season, I want to gain as much experience as possible, fully enter into circuit racing, but I also do not plan to be at the end of the starting grid. A women’s cup and the best rookie title are announced, so I will try my best.

Do you plan to work with a mentor or a more experienced racer who could help you transition into formula 4?
I believe that I will receive a lot of advice from the experienced team I will be part of, and at the same time, I am part of the F4 CEZ Academy under the guidance of experienced Max Karhan.

What support do you receive from family, friends, and sponsors in connection with your new racing adventure?
My dad, Zdeněk Janda, known under the pseudonym Mr. Cimbu, is a former racer who introduced me to motorsport and supports me the most in my entire career. Also, sponsors TOP TRANS HIGHWAY and Cimbu Autosport support me, and some cooperations are still being negotiated. And my friends are constantly supporting me, watching streams, and looking forward to the races in Most where they will come to watch.

What are your long-term goals in motorsport, and what role does Formula 4 play in your plans for a future career?
My dream goal is Formula 1, and Formula 4 is the first step to achieving it. A smaller dream is to participate in the 24-hour races at Nürburgring and Le Mans.

What are your karting achievements so far?
I emerged from the EASYKART cup category with BirelArt karts. From the 50cc class, through the 60cc class where I finished 2nd among the so-called youths, to winning the European EASYKART 100 Cup during the DAI Trophy races, finishing fifth in the Italian Championship Easykart races in Lonato, winning the domestic EASY 100 in Vysoké Mýto. The COVID pandemic prevented better results. I competed in the top KZ2 category mainly to learn clutch starts and gear shifting during the race, so I consider the 8th place in the final heats and participation in the WB Trophy series beneficial.