F4 CEZ Academy members tested Formula 4 at Autodrom Most

F4 CEZ Academy members tested Formula 4 at Autodrom Most

The F4 CEZ Academy marked a significant milestone on 14th of March at Autodrom Most, where four of its members experienced the thrill of driving a SAPE Motorsport’s Formula 4 car for the first time.

František Němec, Kristýna Kalistová, Martin Knápek, and Michelle Jandová at the beginning had the opportunity to take a passenger seat in a Corvette C.7R Lukamotorsport car next to the coach Jiří Jupa, a well-known driver with many years of experience, who demonstrated to the young academy members how to drive around the circuit at full throttle. The first to hit the track with SAPE Motorsport´s F4 car was Max Karhan, who showed how the car behaves and was available to assist them throughout the entire time.

František Němec shared his excitement and insights, noting the contrast between simulation and real-world driving. „The first drive was amazing. While the simulator was helpful, it just can’t replicate the authentic feel of being on the track. Everything happens so much faster in real life,“ said Němec. His anticipation mixed with a dose of nervousness before taking the wheel, fully aware of the value of the machine he was driving. However, his fears were quickly overtaken by the excitement and the invaluable experience gained from the actual drive.

Kristýna Kalistová expressed emotions of joy: „It was an absolutely beautiful experience, the first of its kind for me in a Formula car. I’m incredibly happy and grateful for this unforgettable moment,“ Kalistová reflected.

Martin Knápek highlighted the nervous excitement that led up to the test, which turned into a profound respect for the power and responsiveness of the F4 car. „The initial nerves disappeared as I adjusted to the car’s braking and handling on the track. It was a respect-filled experience, contrasting sharply with anything I’ve driven before,“ Knapek recounted. He is eagerly looking forward to further testing and the possibility of racing in the future.

Michelle Jandová found the experience highly educational, emphasizing the real-world benefits over simulation. „Driving the Formula car in reality, compared to a simulator, offers so much more feedback. You feel every movement, and the sound is incomparably better. It’s an adrenaline rush that simply can’t be matched,“ Jandová noted.

The F4 CEZ Academy’s first test day at Autodrom Most was not only a testament to the talent and determination of its members but also a clear indication of the academy’s commitment to developing the next generation of racing talents. As these young drivers continue their journey, the experience gained from this day will undoubtedly serve as a foundational step towards their racing aspirations.