F4 CEZ Academy: New Academics Test Formula 4 at Autodrom Most

F4 CEZ Academy: New Academics Test Formula 4 at Autodrom Most

On March 19th, another test day was held at Autodrom Most for the F4 CEZ Academy. Jan Dvořák, Eric Boels, Marek Mičík, and Eliška Pytlounová were given the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a SAPE Motorsport team’s Formula 4 single-seater for the first time.

The cold morning began with a collective walk of the track, during which driver and mentor Max Karhan reported valuable advice to the young adepts and pointed out the circuit’s dangers. After a more than four-kilometres walk, Max Karhan took the wheel of the Formula 4 car and tested the vehicle in several warm-up laps. This was followed by the actual testing, where each of the academics had the chance to try a racing single-seater for the first time in their lives.

Natálie Jakuševová was originally scheduled to ride in the Formula 4, but had to miss the testing eventually, and was replaced by Eliška Pytlounová, the sister of well-known singer and racer Olga Lounová. Eliška shared her impressions with enthusiasm: „It was amazing. I’m surprised at how the formula works. Compared to my buggy, it’s a completely different driving style. The buggy isn’t as sensitive to mistakes, and if I brake a bit later, I can still manage it. The formula reacts immediately and gives much less room for error. I really enjoyed it,“ she said with a smile. Eliška also appreciated the overall concept of the academy, which she sees as a great way to support young talents.

Eric Boels described his experience as fantastic and emphasized that the feeling of driving a formula is something that can’t be easily described. „It’s fast and sticks to the track. Shifting is completely different than in a regular car, where everything is smooth. Here, the formula simply kicks you,“ said Eric with excitement. Despite several demanding physical training sessions that are part of the academy’s program, Eric stated that the experience was worth all the effort.

Jan Dvořák shared his experiences transitioning from the simulator to the actual track: „It’s something completely different. The acceleration, the sound of the engine behind you, just amazing. I even had cramps in my leg on the straights due to the distant pedal position, but fortunately, it didn’t make the ride unpleasant.“

Marek Mičík was also enthusiastic about the testing: „The ride was great, I enjoyed it. The speed and feelings from driving the formula are completely different than anything I’ve experienced so far. I had to pay close attention to warming up the tires due to the cold weather, but overall, I’m satisfied with the ride.“