Ethan Ischer wins red-flagged second race

Ethan Ischer wins red-flagged second race

The second race of the F4 CEZ at Balaton Park was interrupted by a safety car phase and red flags due to barrier repairs. However, this did not affect the performance of the pole-position holder and yesterday’s winner, Ethan Ischer, who once again made no mistakes and dominated the sprint race.

Starting from pole position, Ethan Ischer made a strong start, maintaining the lead ahead of Oscar Wurz. Shimo Zhang outbraked himself in the first corner but continued without any issues, as did the rest of the field, navigating through the initial corners.

Unfortunately, Michelle Jandová spun off the track and, in trying to turn around the car, beached herself in the gravel trap. Yellow flags and the safety car were deployed. The order behind the safety car was Ischer, Wurz, Kutskov, Kostic, Zhang, Karhan, Mikeš and Mičík in eighth place.

Ischer kept the lead after the race restarted, followed by Wurz and Kutskov. There was intense fighting among Kostic, Zhang, Karhan and Mikeš. Kostic lost pace due to a slow puncture, and soon his left rear tire disintegrated, forcing him to pit.

Ischer led Wurz as in the first race, but this time they were joined by Kutskov, who matched their pace. The trio raced within a second and a half of each other.

With nine minutes remaining, another yellow phase emerged due to Shimo Zhang crashing the nose of his formula into the barrier. After a few laps behind the safety car, the race was red-flagged while the race director waited for the car to be removed and the barrier to be repaired.

The order was Ischer, Wurz, Kutskov, Karhan, Mikeš, Mičík and Sabaj as the highest-placed woman in the field.

Two and a half minutes before the end, the race restarted. Ischer maintained the lead from Wurz and Kutskov. Karhan was challenged by his countryman Mikeš, but they also held their positions.

As the leading trio pulled away at the front, the group of Karhan, Mikeš, Savu, and Mičík fought for their positions.

It was a fast sprint to the finish, and Ischer triumphed again, scoring another victory with Wurz in second and Kutskov in third. The best finish was achieved by Ischer’s teammate Karhan, closely followed by Mikeš, Savu, Mičík, Sabaj and Kostic.

Michalina Sabaj also became the winner of the Women’s Cup, ahead of Kornelia Olkucka. The third young woman in the field, Michelle Jandová, did not finish the race.