Kirill Kutskov seizes the opportunity from pole position and wins the third race

Kirill Kutskov seizes the opportunity from pole position and wins the third race

Kirill Kutskov delivered a great performance in the last Formula 4 race at Balaton Park, winning the race after facing late pressure from Oscar Wurz.

Kirill Kutskov from Maffi Racing started from pole position alongside Shimo Zhang from Jenzer Motorsport, while his teammates, Oscar Wurz and Ethan Ischer, started from the second row.

Unfortunately, Zhang didn’t manage to start his car, leaving Kutskov in the lead with Ischer and Wurz in third and Miroslav Mikeš in fourth place, though he was overtaken in the second lap by Andrija Kostic.

Kutskov was pressured by Ischer and Wurz. The trio gradually created a gap from the rest of the field. However, the safety car was soon deployed due to an incident involving Kornelia Olkucka and Michalina Sabaj.

The field was neutralized with the order Kutskov, Ischer, Wurz, Kostic, Correrella, Karhan, Mikeš, Zhang, Savu, and Mičík in tenth.

Kutskov made a great restart and maintained the lead, as Wurz attacked Ischer but lost time and was briefly pressured by Kostic. However, the young Austrian managed to keep third place and continued to pressure Ischer while chasing leader Kutskov.

Eventually, Wurz managed to pass Ischer for the first time over the weekend. This gave Kutskov some breathing room, but Wurz maintained his pace and soon was right behind Kutskov, though he couldn’t find a way to pass him for the win.

There was also a fierce battle for sixth place between Max Karhan, Miroslav Mikeš, and Andrija Kostić. As the race was concluding, Michelle Jandová encountered technical trouble with her engine, and her car caught fire. Fortunately, the fire marshals extinguished the flames quickly.

Kirill Kutskov won the third and final race of the opening round at Balaton Park. Oscar Wurz finished second for the third time in a row, and Ethan Ischer completed the podium. Fourth was Shimo Zhang, with Jonathan Correrella fifth. Max Karhan and Miroslav Mikeš were sixth and seventh, respectively, while Luca Savu, Andrija Kostic, and Marek Mičík rounded out the top ten positions.

RESULTS UPDATE: Zhang and Karhan received 5 seconds penalty and dropped to fifth and tenth place in the results