Max Karhan enters the new season with best results so far

Max Karhan enters the new season with best results so far

Max Karhan has kicked off the F4 CEZ Championship season with a strong performance at the Balaton Park circuit, securing an impressive fourth place in the second race and finishing as the fifth-ranked driver in the standings.

„My biggest expectation was to have clean and beautiful fights on the track, and that was certainly fulfilled. I really enjoyed all three races,” said Karhan, who is racing for the Jenzer Motorsport team, with whom he debuted in the last three events of the previous F4 CEZ season.

Karhan identified Miroslav Mikeš as his toughest opponent throughout the races. „Racing against Míra Mikeš was a challenge in every session, and winning the battles on the track was the most satisfying part for me,“ Karhan continued.

Discussing the overall race progression and the safety car periods, Karhan expressed satisfaction with his performance. „I managed to keep up with the faster drivers and even made some great overtakes. Maintaining tire temperature behind the safety car really helped during the restarts,“ Karhan added.

Karhan was one of the five drivers from the blue and black Jenzer Motorsport team. The Swiss team entered Tatuus Formula 4 cars for Ethan Ischer, Oscar Wurz, Shim Zhang, and Andrija Kostić, ending the weekend with Karhan as the third highest driver in the standings behind Wurz and Zhang. Although Ischer won two races, he cannot score points as last year’s champion in this F4 CEZ season.