Racing legacy continues: Oscar Wurz shines in F4 CEZ

Racing legacy continues: Oscar Wurz shines in F4 CEZ

Oscar Wurz showed impressive speed during the opening weekend of F4 CEZ at Balaton Park, solidifying his status as a championship favorite. Although he faces strong competition both in the field and within his Jenzer Motorsport team, he currently leads the drivers‘ standings.

The son of former F1 driver and Le Mans winner Alex Wurz entered his debut season of F4 CEZ on a high note. Starting from the front row, he fought for victory with his teammate Ethan Ischer in Races 1 and 2.

“I was very fast in the practice session, and qualifying was quite good. Starting from the front row was an advantage. I had an equal start compared to my teammates, and Ethan had a really good first lap. For the rest of the race, I was trying to catch up. I managed to do so, but I found it really difficult to close those final tenths and go for an overtake. So, throughout the race, I was right behind him, but unfortunately, I didn’t manage to overtake him,” described Oscar Wurz, who closely followed Ethan Ischer to the finish line. The same scenario repeated in Race 2, where the two drivers pulled away from the rest of the field and finished in the same order. When Wurz finally managed to pass Ischer for third place, it was “only” for second place, as Kirill Kutskov led and eventually won the race.

“Overtaking at Balaton is quite difficult; you have to get very close because there’s very little slipstream here. You have to be much faster than the driver in front to make an overtake, which is always difficult in these categories, because you’re always searching to find one tenth. I think you must be at least three tenths faster to make an overtake,” he explained.

However, Wurz left the Balaton Park racetrack as the championship leader, which is his goal for this season. “Obviously, the goal is to win the championship and be the champion.“

The career of Oscar Wurz is, of course, very closely followed by his father, who is very supportive, but does not really interfere in his son’s work or come to many races.

“Dad is still very involved, he and my mom, but he doesn’t come to many of my races. He came to a test of mine a few weeks ago, and that was the first time he’d seen me in cars. In karting, he came to watch a few of my races. For me, he doesn’t come to watch my races too much, but he’s always watching from wherever he is in the world, because he has a lot of work to do. Dad is a very busy man and doesn’t really like to say what I did well; he usually always points out what I did wrong, which is good, because you always need to improve. He’s very supportive and helps me not only with the driving but with things I have to do off the track as well.”