FIA presence at F4 CEZ as Diana Meriaux attended opening event in Hungary

FIA presence at F4 CEZ as Diana Meriaux attended opening event in Hungary

The opening round of the F4 CEZ at Balaton Park was attended by Diana Meriaux from the FIA. Her official title is Championship Coordinator for Formula Regional and Formula 4. She visited Hungary to oversee the F4 CEZ event and to meet with those involved in the series.

Diana, can you describe your role in Formula 4 championships worldwide?
Yes, certainly. I’m part of the FIA, coordinating both the Formula 4 and Formula Regional categories. I attend one race from each championship primarily to meet everyone in person, which is crucial for effective collaboration. This includes meeting the promoter, occasionally individuals from the ASN, race control staff, scrutineers, teams and drivers. The primary goal is to ensure compliance with FIA standards, as the championship is certified by the FIA. We also verify consistency with FIA recommendations and support the championship in any needed areas.

How do you assess the F4 CEZ championship in its second season, and how do you foresee its future development?
I’m extremely impressed with the progress since the first season, particularly in terms of participation. I’m also very pleased that it predominantly features local teams and drivers. This is exactly our goal for Formula 4, as we aim to provide a pathway for local talent into the single-seater pyramid, and potentially up to Formula 1, or at least Formula 3 or Formula 2. The atmosphere in the Formula 4 paddock is very familial and down-to-earth, which is ideal. I’m confident in its continued progress, especially given the increased participation expected at the Red Bull Ring round. Hopefully, this will enhance the championship’s visibility and foster further growth in the coming years.

How important is it that Formula 4 cars have many championships worldwide?
It’s crucial for us that Formula 4 has a global presence. However, not every country necessarily needs its own championship, particularly if the market isn’t ready. Adequate infrastructure, such as circuits with the correct grade homologation, and a sufficient number of drivers and teams, are essential. Starting a championship can be challenging, but it’s also important to provide opportunities locally. Young drivers should not have to miss much school, and traveling long distances can be a financial burden for families. Thus, having local initiatives worldwide is a significant asset for the Formula 4 category.

In F4 CEZ are also three young women competing. How significant is this for motorsport?
It’s fantastic to see such strong female participation in the 2024 F4 series, including three young women in the F4 CEZ. It’s a remarkable achievement, and I look forward to seeing their performance on the track. It’s important that teams provide these opportunities and that the women seize them.

Will this be your only visit to F4 CEZ event?
Yes, because there are 15 Formula 4 championships and 7 Formula Regionals worldwide. I try to attend one round of each championship. Unfortunately, this will likely be my only visit this year, but I aim to visit each championship annually.