Miroslav Mikeš: A year of growth in F4 CEZ at Red Bull Ring

Miroslav Mikeš: A year of growth in F4 CEZ at Red Bull Ring

Exactly one year ago, Miroslav Mikeš made his debut in F4 CEZ at the Red Bull Ring. Now, racing in the colors of the JMT Engineering team, he is a much faster and more complete driver than last season.

Miroslav Mikeš scored two points in a field of more than 20 cars at the Red Bull Ring, where many racers and teams from other Formula 4 championships used the event as an opportunity for more racing kilometers in their season. In the tight competition, Mikeš was happy with the progress he made. He also took victory in the Rookie Rocket Cup category.

“I definitely gain more and more experience in every competition. We also collect data and set everything up, and I’m glad that our progress is still moving forward. Well, the competition is huge here at the Red Bull Ring, and I like it because there’s always something going on, there’s no time to rest, and I’m glad that I’m competing with more experienced drivers and learning something from them,” said Mikeš in Austria.

The Red Bull Ring is a completely different track compare to Balaton Park at opening weekend of the season. To many, Red Bull Ring may seem that with long straights and sharp turns, it is an easy track, but don’t be mistaken.

„It’s a difficult track; there are a lot of important turns, and you have to use your head. I would say the hardest is the first turn because after it, there’s a long straight, and then the third turn, which is very slow but also leads to a straight, so you need the best exit possible.“

The third event of the F4 CEZ will be held at the Slovakia Ring, so how does Mikeš look forward to the Slovakian track?

“The Slovakia Ring is fun; it’s very long but also very fast, and it’s also very wide. We’ll see what we can do on the Slovakia Ring. The goal is always clear: to get as many points as possible.”