Oscar Wurz stalled the engine but still wins the second race

Oscar Wurz stalled the engine but still wins the second race

It was a dramatic start for the Austrian driver Oscar Wurz, who stalled his engine but, thanks to the safety car, managed to move up through the field and retake the lead to win the second race of the F4 CEZ at Slovakia Ring.

Oscar Wurz from Jenzer Motorsport started from pole position alongside Kirill Kutskov from Maffi Racing, the same front row as in race 1. Behind them were Jonathan Correrella from the Gender Racing team and Wurz’s teammate Max Karhan.

Wurz stalled the engine as the red lights went off, allowing Kutskov to take the lead with Correrella second, Karhan third, and Miroslav Mikeš from JMT Racing behind them.

The start was clean without incident, but in the infield section, there was an accident involving Michalina Sabaj, Michelle Jandová, and Gabriel Holguin at turn six, prompting the deployment of the safety car. At the same time, Michelle Jandová ended up in the gravel.

The order behind the safety car was Kutskov, Correrella, Karhan, Mikeš, Franciszek Halatnik, Wurz, Kornelia Olkucka, Teodor Borenstein, and Holguin, as young drivers Sabaj and Jandová were out of the race.

After a couple of laps behind the safety car, the race was restarted. Correrella attacked Kutskov, while Mikeš did the same to Karhan. Mikeš outbraked Karhan and moved to third place, and in the same lap also successfully attacked Correrella for second place. Wurz followed suit and passed his opponents for third. Karhan also overtook Correrella, so after six laps the order was Kutskov, with Mikeš right behind him, followed by Wurz, Karhan, and Correrella.

A three-way battle for the lead between Kutskov, Wurz, and Mikeš was the highlight of the race. Wurz finally retook the lead in the late stages of the race, and Mikeš then attacked Kutskov for second place. With four minutes to go, Mikeš made a move and overtook Kutskov for second place.

Karhan finished fourth, with Correrella fifth. Teodor Borenstein from Jenzer Motorsport was sixth, Kornelia Olkucka from Maffi Racing seventh, and Halatnik from Orlen Janík Motorsport finished eighth.