Weekend at Slovakia Ring: joy of the first victory and one team’s clean sweep

Weekend at Slovakia Ring: joy of the first victory and one team’s clean sweep

The third round of the F4 CEZ championship at Slovakia Ring brought many unforgettable moments for the racers and an exciting spectacle. Oscar Wurz was unbeatable in the first two races, but in the third, he found a worthy opponent in Max Karhan.

Oscar Wurz of Jenzer Motorsport arrived at Slovakia Ring as the championship leader. He had nearly double the points of the second-placed Kirill Kutskov from Maffi Racing. Other regular F4 CEZ participants were even further behind. It was generally expected that Wurz and Kutskov would battle it out for the top spot in Slovakia. Wurz was the favorite and confirmed his status right in the first race. He secured pole position, had a great start, and won. However, the fight behind him was very close and intense. The remaining two podium spots were fiercely contested by Kutskov, Jonathan Correrella from Gender Racing, Max Karhan from Jenzer Motorsport, and Miroslav Mikeš from JMT Engineering. Wheel-to-wheel battles and overtaking maneuvers eventually led to a collision between Mikeš and Correrella. While the Czech driver went off track, Correrella continued and secured third place with a 0.1-second lead over Karhan. Kutskov finished second.

The outcome of the first race suggested that Wurz would dominate. He proved this in the second race, where despite his engine stalling at the start, he managed to work his way up to the first place. Although safety car significantly helped him. However, he had to fight hard for the win. Correrella, Karhan, Kutskov, and Mikeš did not give him anything for free, and it was only towards the end of the race that Wurz moved to the front. Four minutes before the race ended, Miroslav Mikeš successfully passed Kutskov to secure second place. The Czech driver from a Czech team celebrated on the podium for the first time. Karhan finished fourth again, followed by Correrella.

The final race brought a whole new level of excitement in the battle for the top spot. Karhan, starting from second place, took the lead early on, but Wurz quickly caught up and took over the lead. However, Karhan didn’t let him get away. On the contrary, the teammates raced closely behind each other, and Karhan soon began to attack. Their battle allowed Correrella to catch up, and everyone started to eye the victory. The tight but very clean battles between Wurz and Karhan were a feast for the eyes. They trusted and respected each other, wanting to win but aware that a collision would not be welcome at Jenzer Motorsport. They went side by side through the corners, each trying to lead. In the end, Karhan managed to hold the lead and successfully defended against Wurz, who also protected his position from Correrella. Czech racer Max Karhan thus achieved his first-ever victory in F4 CEZ.

Among the young women in the starting field, Michalina Sabaj was the most successful over the weekend, finishing twice in fifth place and achieving her best results in F4 CEZ. Teodor Borenstein from Jenzer Motorsport made his debut behind the wheel of a Formula 4 car. He showed speed in timed practices but was still learning in the races, unfortunately ending two of them in collisions with Gabriel Holguin from Maffi Racing.

The weekend at Slovakia Ring once again showcased the racers‘ will to fight and tenacity. Now they will take a longer break and return in August for the fourth round of the season at Autodrom Most.

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