Michalina Sabaj talks about her first season in F4 CEZ

Michalina Sabaj talks about her first season in F4 CEZ

Michalina Sabaj is one of the three women competing in this year’s F4 CEZ season. The young lady from Poland has been gaining experience behind the wheel of Formula 4, and after achieving her best result in the last round at Slovakia Ring, we spoke with her about her season so far.

Michalina, like most drivers, transitioned to Formula 4 from kart racing. She joined the F4 CEZ series with the AS Motorsport team and is currently gaining experiences with the car, the championship, and the new tracks.

“So far, I’m really happy. It’s my first season in Formula 4, so there’s a lot of work and study involved. We’ve seen the improvements I’ve made throughout the season, and I’m really happy about that,” said Michalina, who finished in the top five in two races at Slovakia Ring and won the Rookie Rocket Cup category. She even started from pole position in the third sprint there.

The learning curve has primarily involved getting to know the new tracks. Each round features a completely different circuit. Balaton Park is flat and narrow, Red Bull Ring has long straights, and Slovakia Ring features fast and sweeping turns.

“I have to learn every single track we race on. I really like the Slovakia Ring track; it’s really fast and long, with a lot of straights. I do simulator sessions before every race weekend, usually one to two days, so I can learn the lines and the gears. By the time I get to the first session on track, it’s much easier for me because I already know the track well. From the second session onward, I can start pushing the braking points and working on ideal racing line.”

There are three rounds left until the end of the season at Most, Brno and Salzburgring. Michalina hasn’t tried these tracks yet, as she prepares for each circuit step by step with simulator sessions when the event approaches.

Being one of the three women in the field, people often compare their results. Currently, Michalina sits in 13th place in the championship, ahead of Kornelia Olkucka and Michele Jandová. However, she doesn’t focus on this comparison.

“It is important to me that there are more women racing, but I’m more focused on my overall results rather than just comparing myself to the other women. I aim to be the best I can be and concentrate on my overall performance,” added young Michalina Sabaj from Poland.