Young Czech racer Kristýna Kalistová is a member of More than Equal program

Young Czech racer Kristýna Kalistová is a member of More than Equal program

Kristýna Kalistová, a young Czech karting racer, has joined the More than Equal program, co-founded by former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard and Czech businessman Karel Komárek. The program aims to prepare female drivers for advancement in higher categories of motorsport.

At thirteen, Kristýna is already eyeing higher categories on bigger circuits. Currently she is competing in karting. Earlier this year, she attended the F4 CEZ Academy and tested a Formula 4 car.

Kristýna’s schedule is packed; alongside her studies, she is racing, testing on simulators, and of course participating in the More than Equal program, which is a significant step in her sporting career.

Interview with Kristýna Kalistová

Kristýna, what does being part of the More than Equal program mean to you?
Being part of this program offers me new experiences in motorsport and media communication. It also allows me to visit places and meet people I wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to connect with.

How did you learn about the More than Equal project, and what motivated you to join?
A few of my dad’s friends told me about it, and we also found out through social media. I was motivated by the great opportunity it represented. All I had to do was send in an application.

How does the program work, what do you expect, and what are your plans?
The program holds training sessions every few months, teaching us skills beyond karting. For example, during our first session, we worked with cars and had personal training. On other days, we had several online interviews. We will also have an app to record our races and training data. Coaches will attend some of the races in person. My plan is to stay with the program as long as possible, learn as much as I can, and, with the help of the team, advance as far as I can in my career.

What do you think are the biggest obstacles to having more women in motorsport, and how can programs like More than Equal help?
The biggest obstacle is strength and resilience, what we call „sharp elbows.“ Girls often drop out because they can’t handle crashes or manage stronger machines for long periods. More than Equal works on improving both our physical and mental strength. The program helps by providing experienced coaches, both mental and physical, and even current racers who can share their knowledge on how to handle various situations.

Can you share your experiences as a member of the F4 CEZ Academy? How has this program helped you grow as a racer?
I gained a lot of experience with interviews, speaking on camera, and managing social media. On the racing side, I drove two different cars on the track, which I had never done so frequently before. The academy culminated in driving a Formula 4 car, for which we prepared weekly on simulators and in fitness training with a professional coach.

Do you have any role models in motorsport?
My biggest role model is my dad. He’s a rally driver, GT3 RS Cup mechanic, karting racer, and owns his rally car. He’s an excellent driver and an inspiration to me.